If you are considering initiating psychotherapy, I understand that this decision is a personal one and a “good fit” is significant to the process being helpful. Please take the time to review the information on my website and determine whether my background would complement your needs. I welcome an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about the psychotherapy process in general or specific clinical issues.

Whether it’s a chronic situation or it simply comes out of the blue….We often experience circumstances or life changing events that set our defenses into motion. Psychotherapy can help to unravel the nature of specific feelings you are having and help support life circumstances that at times can feel stressful. In order to achieve your personal best, a balance of confidence, spirituality, and connection are necessary. These are all areas of focus for a healthy sense of self as well as relationships with others.

Please visit my services section to identify areas of my practice that may relate to the issues you are experiencing.


Draga Ilievski
Licensed Clinical Social Worker